7 Essentials to Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

Moving into a shiny new home is exciting, especially when it’s a brand-new, resort-inspired retreat at Lakeview Apartments. Make your new space feel like home with these seven essentials for the ultimate lakeside haven.

1 – Comfy Outdoor Chair.

With gorgeous views and easy breezes, you’ll want to linger on your balcony and savor the relaxing lakeside vibe. Make sure that you’re comfortable with a plush outdoor chair. Let your seating be the inspiration to set up the perfect balcony, an al fresco oasis with a drink table, plants, flowers, string lights, and maybe even a hammock!

2 – Houseplants.

Big windows mean that you’ll have plenty of natural light in your apartment and that houseplants will thrive. Create an inviting atmosphere with tropical plants, bamboo, or a cool bonsai tree. Don’t have a green thumb? Go for succulents or a snake plant, hardy houseplants that will do well even if you forget to water them.

3 – Cozy Creature Comforts.

Soften your space with plush textiles that add warmth and color. Fuzzy blankets, cute throw pillows, and chic rugs will all make your apartment feel like home. Relatively inexpensive and easy to switch out, textiles are also great for experimenting with pops of color and seasonal themes

4 – Shower Swag.

Your bath should feel like a sanctuary – and it will at Lakeview Apartments. Our spa-inspired baths feature Nebia luxury showers and unlimited hot water. Elevate your daily spa experience with fluffy new towels and a pretty curtain. Stock a shower caddy or shelf system with bathtime indulgences such as sugar scrubs, face masks, and bubble bath.

5 – Color Scheme

Focus your home’s design style and bring out your unique personality by choosing a favorite color or collection of colors for your decor scheme. Complementary hues work well together as your main color and its sidekick: blue and orange, purple and yellow, green and red. Black and white color schemes add glamour and drama, while neutral tones help establish a sense of peacefulness and tranquility.

6 – Closet Organizer.

Make the most of your walk-in closet by maximizing every inch of its shelves and space with a smartly designed organizational system. Keep your clothes and accessories sorted and ready to wear with shoe shelves, purse racks, or shelf dividers. Easily find what you need – and make room for another new pair of shoes!

7 – Photos You Love

Personalize your home by displaying images that make you feel happy: pictures of your family, friends, vacations, and good times. Photos add individual character and fun personality to your space. Group them together into one display for extra effect.

Love Where You Live at Lakeview Apartments in Rockwall
With high-end design and spectacular water views, our new apartment community feels like home – only better. Inspire your lifestyle with resort-style luxuries, from the epic swimming pool lounge to the nature walk and pet spa. Live by Lake Ray Hubbard and find your ideal home at Lakeview Apartments.